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Kolobara Law Firm, LLCKolobara Law Firm helps market participants with drafting, negotiating, and implementing standard trading documentation for physically and financially settled products. We leverage our 15 years of in-house experience negotiating and drafting trading documentation, and over 10 years of participation on the drafting committees of the North American Energy Standards Board (“NAESB”) and the WSPP, to create and implement the trading documentation that meets the operational and financial goals of the underlying transactions. Having worked shoulder to shoulder with traders, risk managers and credit managers over the past 15 years, we can add value and efficiency to the negotiating process. Our clients benefit from our cross-functional approach including operational, financial, strategic, and risk considerations.

Kolobara Law Firm assists market participants with enhancing trading liquidity and mitigating risk by explaining the pros and cons of all contractual provisions. This way, our clients can adjust their operational or financial aspects of their agreements in order to optimize the value of each transaction. The trading agreements we draft or negotiate are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring the best possible results and maximized returns. Our firm remains on the cutting edge of energy trading and compliance trends. We are constantly monitoring the latest developments in the energy trading arena and continually inform our clients about any changes relevant to their underlying transactions.

Kolobara Law Firm has extensive experience drafting and negotiating the following trading documents and we stand ready to assist market participants with their documentation needs for:

Standard Master Agreements For Physically Settled Products – NAESB, EEI, WSPP, ISDA gas, power, and coal annexes, as well as special provisions, long-form confirmations and standard industry agreements for coal, emission allowances, and crude oil agreements.

ISDA Schedules and Paragraph 13 – We draft, negotiate, and implement swap documentation for commodity, interest rates, foreign exchange, freight, weather, and currency swaps.

Credit and Collateral Agreements – We offer to draft or negotiate standard forms for corporate guarantees, letters of credit, master netting agreements, margin and collateral agreements, credit support annexes, cross-product or cross-affiliate netting agreements, and lock-box agreements.

One-Off and Non-Standard Agreements – We assist with a variety of transaction documentation on the power side including tolling and take-or-pay agreements, physically and financially settled spark-spread options, unit contingent agreements, requests for proposals, ancillary services, financial transmission rights, long-term power purchase agreements, and transmission agreements. On the gas and natural gas liquids side we can assist with long term supply agreements, midstream agreements, capacity release agreements, wellhead purchase agreements, fuel requirement and energy management agreements, capacity hedging and calendar/spread hedging documentation, as well as gas and liquids production and processing agreements.
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