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Legal Audit Of Energy Trading Activities
Legal Audit Of Energy Trading Activities

Kolobara Law Firm offers a comprehensive legal audit of energy trading activities. Our primary goal is to assist market participants with identifying, implementing, and maintain the highest legal, compliance, and ethical standards for energy trading activities. We add value and competitive advantage to our clients by assisting them with benchmarking their trading or hedging activities against the best industry standards. Kolobara Law Firm always emphasizes prevention as the most critical component in every market participant’s risk mitigation strategy. Our legal audit reviews are designed to identify any deficiencies at various stages of negotiation, execution, and implementation of transactions. We validate our clients’ compliance with relevant trading and compliance regulations and we highlight the most effective steps to correct any deficiencies.

Kolobara Law Firm tailors every legal audit to our clients’ individual needs. We assist our clients in identifying the relevant exposures and risks to be audited. Our objective is to recommend improvements in policies, procedures, compliance, documentation, and overall risk management by identifying and analyzing the efficiency and execution of trading activities and applicable controls. Kolobara Law Firm has developed the following audits:

The Dodd-Frank Act Readiness Audit – assessing the compliance and implementation of the statutory requirements mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act;

Anti-Manipulation Audit – evaluating the risk of possible market manipulation violations in light of relevant markets, products, liquidity, and business strategy;

Energy Trading Contracts Audit – reviewing and evaluating a company’s trading documentation to ensure compliance with best industry standards for the most critical provisions in the underlying trading documentation;

Trading Policies and Procedures Audit – benchmarking the trading or risk management policies and procedures against the best industry standards and practices, including the interaction between the front and middle offices;

Energy Trading Compliance Audit – a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the enterprise-wide trading and hedging activities combining all of the above listed audits.