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Training & Implementation WorkshopsKolobara Law Firm offers an extensive selection of training and implementation workshops for commodities and derivatives market participants. We continuously monitor and evaluate the evolving regulatory and operational market landscape and we create training programs to assist our clients with critical objectives of prevention and compliance. Our training programs are often custom-tailored to a particular commodity, geographic footprint, trading or hedging strategy, or client’s underlying business purpose.

The following are just some of our training and implementation workshops:

bulletDrafting and negotiating ISDA Agreement, Schedule, and Credit Support spaceAnnex;
bulletDrafting and negotiating NAESB, EEI, or WSPP standard trading
bulletUnderstanding cross-commodity and cross-affiliate setoff in trading
bulletCollateralized Trading: advantages and pitfalls;
bulletCreating and implementing hedging strategies for municipal entities;
bulletDrafting and negotiating master netting agreements;
bulletBest industry practices for creating and implementing risk management spaceor trading policies and procedures;
bulletUnderstanding and negotiating corporate guarantees;
bulletThe Dodd-Frank Act readiness evaluation;
bulletThe Dodd-Frank Act: implementation and compliance for energy market spaceparticipants;
bulletHedging for utilities in light of the Dodd-Frank Act;
bulletThe Dodd-Frank Act: hidden risks for end-users;
bulletEnterprise-wide risk management: implementation and compliance;
bulletProhibition against market manipulation - practical considerations;
bulletEnergy trading compliance – a cross-functional primer;
bulletPosition limits in the Dodd-Frank Act era;
bulletReal-time reporting and recordkeeping requirements under the
spaceDodd-Frank Act.