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Kolobara Law Firm has experience with negotiating and drafting documentation for a variety of renewable energy products and services, including:

Project Finance
We offer assistance with project finance and related documentation for renewable energy projects. We apply our in-house experiences to identify and minimize the operational and financial exposures associated with different types of renewable energy assets: wind, solar, geothermal, landfill gas, and biomass. We apply our experience with physical market infrastructure to assist with interconnection and transmission aspects of renewable energy assets.

Hedging Renewable Assets
The hedging strategy for any renewable asset is often constrained by insufficient liquidity and, therefore, it is a challenge to quantify the exposure associated with a particular asset or transaction. Kolobara Law Firm applies its extensive experience in advising on hedging matters to assist our clients with understanding the legal and operational risks involved in hedging renewable assets and to provide commercially-oriented solutions.

Power Purchase Agreements
The financing of renewable energy assets is often contingent on the completion of a long-term power purchase agreements (“PPA”). We have experience with PPAs for wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal assets. Our approach to drafting and negotiating the PPAs is an extension of our in-house experience and an in-depth understanding of the operational and financial nuances involved in the process.

Renewable Energy Credits
Kolobara Law Firm helps our clients with negotiating and drafting Renewable Energy Credits (“REC”) agreements. The challenges of negotiating green credits include a fragmented market and inconsistent rules across different applicable REC programs. We assist our clients with identifying the applicable REC trading programs, REC verification authority, and delivery methodology. Kolobara Law Firm guides our clients through various risk components of REC trading and we provide commercially-oriented solutions to meet our clients’ business goals.