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Standard Trading Documentation

Standard Trading DocumentationKolobara Law Firm has extensive experience with drafting and negotiating trading documentation for physically settled commodities and financially settled derivatives transactions. Our firm’s founder and managing attorney, Miki Kolobara, spent over nine years on the drafting committee for the WSPP master agreement and over ten years on the drafting committee for the North American Energy Standards Board (“NAESB”) master purchase and sale agreement. This unique exposure to a multi-commodity drafting environment has allowed Mr. Kolobara the opportunity to examine, in-depth, most of the standard trading provisions, and to identify the pros and cons of every individual provision. This experience, combined with fifteen years of in-house, hands-on experience, allows Kolobara Law Firm to assist our clients with accurate, timely, and effective trading documentation.

Kolobara Law Firm offers assistance with drafting, amending, negotiating, or managing standard trading documentation and with stand-alone, one-off agreements including, without limitation, the following:

bulletISDA Master Agreement and Credit Support Annex for energy, FX, interest, spacecredit, and agricultural swaps; ISDA Schedules and Paragraph XIII;
spaceVarious ISDA protocols, bridges, and amendments;
bulletEEI Master Power Purchase & Sale Agreement; EEI Master Netting
spaceAgreement; EEI Collateral Annex;
bulletWSPP Agreement; WSPP Financial Annex; WSPP Security Agreement;
spaceWSPP Collateral Annex; WSPP Netting Agreement; Long-form WSPP
bulletPower Purchase Agreements (PPAs); Tolling Agreements; Take-or-Pay
spaceAgreements; Physically or Financially Settled Heat-Rate Agreements;
spaceSecondary Transmission Agreements; Energy Management Agreements; spaceRequests for Proposals/Bids for Electricity Supply; Financial Transmission spaceAgreements; Capacity or Ancillary Services Agreements; Renewable
spaceEnergy Credits Agreements; Balancing and Interconnection Agreements; spaceElectricity Sleeve Agreements; Power Asset Lease Agreements; non-
spacestandard, peaking, and super-peaking products agreements; fuel supply spaceagreements;
bulletNAESB Base Contract for Sale and Purchase of Natural Gas; NAESB Canadian Addendum; NAESB Electronic Data Interchange Trading
spacePartner Agreement; NAESB Credit Support Addendum; NAEB Funds Transfer Agency Agreement;
bulletNatural Gas Storage and Exchange Agreements; Interstate and Intrastate Transportation Agreements; Natural Gas Wellhead
spacePurchase and Sale Agreements; Natural Gas and Liquids Processing Agreements; Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Purchase and Sale
spaceAgreements; Natural Gas Storage Hedging Agreements; Natural Gas Prepay Agreements; Propane Sales Agreements;
bulletMaster Coal Purchase and Sale Agreement, Master Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Petroleum Products; Various Crude Oil Terms spaceand Conditions; Master Renewable Energy Certificate Purchase and Sale Agreement; Synthetic Fuel Hedging Agreement; Coal-to-Gasspace Processing Agreement; Emissions Allowances Purchase and Sale Agreement; Brokerage and Clearing Agreements; Master Netting spaceAgreements.