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The Dodd-Frank Act
Kolobara Law Firm offers a comprehensive approach to the Dodd-Frank Act training, implementation, and compliance for commodities and derivatives market participants. We stay on the cutting edge of the latest regulatory and legal developments related to the Dodd-Frank Act. Our managing attorney, Miki Kolobara, serves on one of the largest Dodd-Frank working groups in the energy industry – the IECA Contracts and Legal Group. He has been a frequent speaker on the Dodd-Frank Act implementation and compliance.
Kolobara Law Firm develops customized Dodd-Frank Act compliance and implementation programs for end users, swap dealers, and major swap participants. We help market participants identify the relevant Dodd-Frank Act exposures and we assist them in creating commercially oriented solutions with minimal business disruption. Read more>>>

Prohibition Against Market Manipulation
Energy market participants are subject to numerous anti-manipulation regulations. Federal regulators (FERC, FTC, or CFTC) can impose civil penalties of up to $1 million per violation for every day the violation occurs. They can order disgorgement of profits and revoke a company’s market-based rate authority. The courts can, in some circumstances, bar individuals from serving as an officer or director of an electric utility or natural gas company, as well as prohibiting such individuals from engaging in the business of buying or selling energy commodities or transmission services subject to FERC jurisdiction.
Kolobara Law Firm draws on its significant in-house experience dealing with market manipulation matters to assist our clients with training and implementing the best industry practices to prevent market manipulation. When it comes to anti-manipulation issues, our emphasis is on prevention. Read more>>>

Trading Exchanges and Clearing Organizations Rules
Participants in commodities and derivatives markets frequently are subjected to complex and increasing rules and regulations from trading exchanges and clearing organizations. Very often, market participants are not even aware that they are affected by those rules and regulations. Nonetheless, a violation of an organized exchange rule could also be a violation of the Commodity Exchange Act. The rules and regulations of the organized exchanges and clearing organizations apply to all market participants, even those that only execute or clear trades occasionally.

Kolobara Law Firm helps market participants identify and manage the applicable exchange and clearing organization rules and regulations. We advise clients with relevant exchange rules applicable to brokerage agreements, trade execution, margin issues, clearing trades, related hedging matters, and other relevant exchange trading or clearing rules. Our advice is focused on enhancing trade compliance and business goals.
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