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Kolobara Law Firm offers assistance to market participants’ executive management and governing bodies responsible for creating and implementing corporate strategies and objectives. We provide counsel to boards of directors, audit committees, risk oversight committees, new product committees, operating committees, and similar governing structures. We assist our executive and board clients in identifying potential risks associated with overall trading or hedging strategies. Having served as a legal counsel for several risk oversight committees, we understand the complexities and challenges of creating and implementing a long-term trading or hedging strategies.

In the era of rapidly evolving commodities and derivatives markets, it is imperative for the executive and board members to have the most accurate, updated, and independent information, in order to make as informed business decisions as possible. Kolobara Law Firm continuously monitors relevant regulatory and legal developments, and offers assessments and evaluations to our clients. Building on our in-house experience, we are uniquely positioned to offer the value-added advice our clients need to make sound business decisions.

Kolobara Law Firm assists our executive and board clients with the following:

bulletIdentifying and assessing institutional suitability for participation in a particular market;

bulletEvaluating potential risks of a particular hedging or trading strategy;

bulletAssisting the board in determining risk and credit control limits;

bulletIdentifying whether a risk oversight committee has a clearly defined roles and responsibilities;

bulletVerifying whether a risk oversight committee is reviewing and approving major trading activities and strategies consistent with the spacebest industry standards;

bulletAssessing whether a risk oversight committee actively reviews and manages trading and marketing risks;

bulletExamining whether there is adequate documentation memorializing the methodology for new product approval:

bulletDetermining whether market and credit control limits and policies and procedures are reviewed periodically by the board;

bulletDeveloping an overall cross-functional awareness to ensure an enterprise-wide commitment to creating and mainating a culture of spacecompliance consistent with the best industry standards.