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A message from Miki Kolobara, our firm’s founder and managing attorney:

Welcome to Kolobara Law Firm, LLC,

Kolobara Law FirmPrior to founding Kolobara Law Firm, LLC, I spent 15 years working for several commodities and derivatives trading companies. During my in-house career, I had the opportunity to work with some of the top traders, risk and credit managers, and contract and compliance professionals. My unique exposure to cross-commodity environments allows me to focus on providing commercially driven solutions for my clients, without first having to be “educated” about the underlying business.

During my in-house career, I occasionally needed to engage outside assistance, usually during an extremely busy period. However, I often
had to spend a considerable time explaining the operational or financial characteristics of the underlying transactions before I could get the assistance I needed. Unfortunately, the reality is that one cannot be expected to be familiar with the complexity of the trade floor if he or she does not have an extensive hands-on experience that only in-house experience provides.

I founded Kolobara Law Firm to offer the assistance, I believe, trading professionals need in order to meet their business challenges and goals while, at the same time, minimizing their legal and financial exposure. We are prepared to offer helping hand to traders, middle office professionals, contract and compliance professionals, as well as senior managements and governing bodies of any market participants involved in trading or hedging activities.

Kolobara Law Firm is a resource for a variety of market participants including utilities, public and municipal electric load serving entities, merchant generators, pipelines, natural gas and liquids producers and processors, futures brokers, hedge funds, investment banks, commodity trading advisors, investment funds, clearing brokers, and commodities and derivatives trading exchanges. Additionally, we are here to assist law firms, auditors, and consultants involved in commodities and derivatives activities.

Commodities and derivatives trading is a dynamic and continuously evolving activity.  Often, market participants are faced with making a complex decision in very significant time constraints.  Kolobara Law Firm provides real-time legal and compliance advice in order to allow market participants to concentrate on the execution of the underlying business strategies without having to risk costly delays associated with legal or compliance risks.  As a virtual law firm, we have the flexibility to attend to our clients’ needs regardless of location.  Also, a low overhead allows us to offer very competitive rates.