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Real-Time Legal Support for Trading and Compliance
Real-Time Legal Support for Trading and Compliance

Kolobara Law Firm offers real-time legal and compliance support for commodities and derivatives traders, risk and credit managers, and back office personnel. We understand the time-sensitive nature of commodities and derivatives trading and, we believe, that no transaction value should be lost due to slow legal or compliance review. Our understanding and commitment to real-time support is based on fifteen years of in-house experience, working shoulder-to-shoulder with traders, middle and back office professionals.

Kolobara Law Firm offers real-time legal or compliance review of trades, trading or hedging strategies, and structured physical and financial products, to ensure compliance with internal and external trading regulations, anti-manipulations compliance, Dodd-Frank Act compliance, trading contracts compliance, position limits, institutional suitability, clearing or execution compliance, collateral or margin compliance, verification of accurate termination, liquidation, or settlement of trades.

Kolobara Law Firm assists market participants with a real-time review and analysis of new trading or hedging products to ensure that the legal, regulatory, or compliance exposures associated with the new products or instruments are thoroughly reviewed and understood by those trading in the new products. We enhance our clients’ risk management analysis by providing real-time analysis of the appropriateness of the new product in relation to our client's overall trading or hedging strategy. We partner with our clients’ internal departments to enhance their in-house expertise to manage and support the new product, including transaction and market analysis, delivery and operational constraints and solutions, market liquidity, and credit exposure.

We draft and maintain a variety of trading, credit, and collateral documentation for every step of trade negotiation, pre-execution, execution, and post-execution. Kolobara Law Firm offers, among others, trade vetting forms, long and short form confirmation agreements, trade assumption or novation agreements, event of default notices, trade termination and settlement notices, margin or collateral demand notices, corporate guaranty notices, letter of credit demand notices, and option exercise notices.